Angela Wolak

Partner, Design Director

Washington DC

Angela is the head of Durable’s UX practice and also runs the Washington office. She is passionate about user-centered design and accessibility.

She embraces a collaborative approach, knowing that creating a truly delightful user experience requires the combined efforts of the entire team, from research through to QA. Day-to-day, Angela ensures that the design systems Durable creates are beautiful, easy to maintain and flexible enough to adapt to future needs—a philosophy instilled early in her career designing complex branding programs.

Angela received her BFA in graphic design from Western Michigan University and has taken courses at the University of Art and Design in Basel, Switzerland and General Assembly.

Angela has worked with:

  • Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • Vodafone
  • HP
  • American Express
  • BBVA

Ask her about:

Her numerous escapes to the bucolic Penland School of Crafts to get her hands dirty making things.

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