Umbraco award winners on stage at Codegarden

Durable wins 2023 Umbraco Award for Best Custom Solution

We’re pleased to announce we just won “Best Custom Solution” at the 2023 Umbraco Awards for the Lazard website. The site was selected from over 200 entries in this year's awards. This is our second consecutive win—last year, we took home the prize for “Best Designed Site.”

The solution is notable because it’s in a complex AWS hosting environment with a custom S3 Storage Provider for media. Also, we created a package to extend Umbraco Deploy functionality to push content and media deletions between sites and extended that package to help content managers use Umbraco Deploy to override content from an external database.

Congratulating Durable on the award, Kimmerly Scott, Director – IT, Digital Platforms at Lazard, said, “We were pleased to see how well Durable was able to customize Umbraco to support our complex AWS hosting environment, enterprise security, and quality requirements. We’re also happy to support the Umbraco development community with a package for Umbraco Deploy to allow bulk deletion of orphaned items.” Article closing icon

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