Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute approached Durable Digital to overhaul their global, flagship site as part of their long-term Digital Transformation program. Our Agile approach delivered a best-practice Sitecore solution in 15 months, transforming PMI’s capacity for context marketing, marketing automation and personalisation.

Business Case

Like many organisations, PMI is at the beginning of a fundamental transformation, seeking to better understand and meet changing user needs, and deepen their digital relationships with audiences.

To do so, PMI needed to evolve its website to become a high-agility communications platform that could understand user behaviour, distinguish user segments, better address user needs, and measure performance.

PMI also needed to further build internal capacity and process within both marketing and technology spheres, as it sought to leverage the power of today’s complex digital marketing tools and maximise its return on investment. desktop view mobile view

Access to 9,000+ articles in the Learning Library was significantly improved by consolidating them into a single faceted search.

Our solution


  • Established a goal-oriented approach to site content and services, and adjusted UX accordingly.
  • Simplified content strategy to better serve end user needs, rather than organisational structure or legacy technical systems.
  • Refreshed and unified UI components to better present the PMI brand.
  • Implemented the Sitecore Experience Platform, delivering personalisation, goals and engagement measurement.


  • Delivered a best-practice Sitecore XP solution, providing complete technical readiness for advanced context marketing and automation.
  • Reimagined major enterprise integrations to better serve user needs.
  • Ensured compatibility across mobile and desktop devices.


  • Increased efficiency and agility with a component-based architecture.
  • Increased governance workflows and distributed editing.
  • Helped build PMI’s own marketing and technical capacity through training and knowledge sharing.


In addition to increasing revenue-driving KPIs, PMI has reduced technical debt, lowered costs and improved efficiency.

  • Agility

    PMI can better respond to business owners’ needs by rapidly building experiences with microsites, page rows/columns, and a library of content components.

  • Governance

    Themes, editor permissions and workflows introduce levels of governance.

  • Skills Refocus

    Technical best practices and solution flexibility have refocused skill sets across the organisation from development to context marketing.

  • Intelligence

    Enhanced analytic capability gives PMI better understanding of customer demand.

Comparing the 6-month periods pre- and post-launch, there were significant improvements in many KPI including:

  • 63% increase in home screen hero click-throughs

  • 9.1% increase in chapter membership

  • 18.3% increase in new member conversion rates

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